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Treated Conditions

Research has shown the upper cervical verterbrae contribute to many headaches. Freeing tension from these joints may be helpful in reducing or abolishing symptoms. The body of researching showing physiotherapy can assist headaches is now undeniable. It is safer, cheaper and often more effective than medication.

Shoulder Injuries
We have extensive experience managing a range of shoulder injuries. We may be able to help: AC joint injuries, shoulder impingement, post-operative care, rotator cuff tears, frozen shoulder and dislocations/instabilities.

Neck Problems
Stiff and painful necks are very common in desk workers. Long hours in the office and traumatic injuries and caring for young children are common causes of neck pain. We have an excellent record of improving these conditions.

Thoracic spine (Mid Back) problems
Pain and stiffness in this area can be due to a number of causes. This area usually responds very well to the correct management.

Lower Back
Back pain is caused by a range of issues. Although symptomatic relief is important, we aim to correct the source of the problem. This usually involves creating strategies to strengthen the lower back and make it more resilient.

Hands & Wrists
We may be able to help tendinopathy (tendinitis) and post trauma or immobilsation in this area.

Muscle strains and tears, hip join capsule injuries, bursitis and tendinopathy are all common hip and groin injuries. If they are not managed correctly, these injuries can become persistent and recurrent.

This complex area requires a full assessment to get to the root of the problem. We address all aspects of these conditions, including core/pelvic stability.

From ankle sprains to instability, post fracture and immobilization rehabilitation.  We can guid you through a program to receive full function.

Tennis elbow and golfer’s elbow are very common and we have extensive experience in treating these conditions. We can also treat post fracture/dislocation in the area.

Thanks to our location, we specialize in knees. Common knee problems that we may be able to assist are: patella mal-tracking (runners knee), meniscus and ligament injuries, arthritis, tendinopathy and post-operative rehabilitation. All therapists have extensive experience in post-operative ACL reconstructions and all knee post-operative management.



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