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I injured the meniscus in my knee and was unable to play my regular sports of soccer and squash. I returned to the UK for an operation and following professional post-operative care at Hakuba Physio I am now back playing both soccer and squash.Alan Absolom,
Managing director, Lloyds Bank

When my family and I moved to Hakuba, I had another episode of acute back pain. I was recommended to see Hakuba Physio, so I went along to see if they could help. On my first consultation I was given a clear explanation of what I SERIOUSLY HAD TO DO to manage it. After 4-6 consults the pain had diminished and I had been given a few simple exercises to WORK ON THE problem myself.
HakubaPhysio then encouraged me start a course of Pilates BODY EXERCISING with a studio in Hakuba and I NOW THINK I HAVE CORRECTED THE PHYSICAL FLAWS THAT WAS THE CAUSE OF THE RETURNING BACK PAINS. My back feels better than it has in 10 years.
I would recommend HakubaPhysio to anyone with a back problem.
Lars Andersson
Managing director, Orc Software, Japan

I suffered a complete tear of my patella tendon just where it attaches to the bottom of the knee cap and had an operation to reattach it. I had the operation in Japan and was pleased with the results. After the operation I had several parents from my children’s school and at colleagues from work recommend me to see Hakuba Physio for the post-operative care. I started attending 2 to 3 times a week and the results were immediate. The range in my knee increased very quickly, and my strength began to return slowly and steadily. When I returned to my surgeon for review he was very surprised and impressed at the speed of my recovery. Over the years I have played lots of sports and sustained my share of sports injuries and I understand how important sticking with a custom designed rehabilitation program is. I would have no doubts in recommending people see Hakuba Physio for their post-operatives needs.
David Hackett
Financial Controller, Citigroup, Japan

Bevan was an integral part in the establishment of the West Ham football academy in Sydney. His strategies for injury prevention and management ensured all players were rehabilitated quickly and effectively, helping our club being crowned NSW Club champions. The fitness assessment and injury risk identification programmes are still being used at the club.
Ken Schembrie
Football Manager, Blacktown Soccer Club, West Ham United Soccer Academy.

“Hakuba Physio did a great job mending my acutely injured back. The explanation was concise and accurate, and the resultant care produced prompt and pronounced results. I found every aspect of the engagement to be professional and focused, with goals clearly identified and measured at each step. I’d have no hesitation in recommending Hakuba Physio as the pre-eminent operation in Hakuba.”
Michael Alfant,
President. Building 2 Corporation, Hakuba, Japan

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