Why Choose Hakuba Physio?

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Why Choose Hakuba Physio?

  1. We practise the latest injury management techniques and use equipment selectively sourced from around the world including the Game Ready icing system, recommended by surgeons for pre- and post-operative strength and rehabilitation.
  2. Our therapists have studied and trained at the finest physiotherapy universities in the world. Our therapists are all highly trained with degrees in physiotherapy from leading universities in the field.
  3. We are well-respected in the industry. We are the original providers of physiotherapy in Hakuba with almost 2 decades of experience managing snow sports injuries.
  4. Most experienced collection of Physiotherapists in Japan. Our team of physiotherapists have an average of 11 years post graduate experience in physiotherapy ensuring that whatever your condition, we can help.
  5. Online booking system. Our software allows quick online bookings. Just choose your therapist, select a time and receive instant email confirmation of your appointment.
  6. Digital exercise programs. We use Physiotec software to link you to your own personal ‘exercise page’ with photos, videos, instructions and prescriptions for your home rehabilitation program.
  7. Location and Parking. Hakuba Physio is located in the Springs Hotel Arcade in Happo Village. We have ample parking in the arcade, within short walk of our clinic. We may be able to arrange a pick-up if you are unable to make it to us.
  8. We have multiple locations. Asia Physio offers comprehensive care for you and your family. Our centralised digital clinical notes and treatment systems ensure seamless continuity of your care in all of our locations.
  9. Comfort. Use our in-clinic wifi in our cozy waiting room and take advantage of our massage services
  10. Cleanliness. Our clinic is cleaned and sterilised daily, and our linen is always crisp and clean.

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