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Asia Physio has been the leading provider of sports physio in Japan for almost 2 decades. At Hakuba Physio we understand every aspect of a comprehensive rehabilitation program. Our native English speaking physiotherapists are graduates of universities regarded as world leaders in physiotherapy training and research. Their extensive qualifications and experience ensure treatment tailored to your specific needs, helping you to return to peak condition by implementing management strategies.

All of our treatments are one-on-one, so you will receive the undivided attention of your therapist while we conduct a complete assessment of your condition and focus on your treatment.

Our team offers quality care for conditions relating to; knee pain, ACL & MCL injuries, post-operative rehabilitation, ankle pain, calf muscle strains, hands & wrists, elbow pain, headaches, neck pain, back ache, hip pain, running injuries, shoulder impingements, and paediatric care.

Each initial consultation will include us taking a full history of your condition, a physical assessment to identify problems, an explanation and treatment for your condition, and home management plan. We will create your personal rehabilitation program and provide online links to videos and photos of your prescribed exercises and management plan.

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